Good (and Bad) News from the Table


So remember that time a few months ago, when Hester completely flipped her lid over Boerne Christian Assembly’s communion practices? (If not, then please go back and read that post now, since it contains essential background for this one.) Well, I won’t be doing that today, because for once I’ve actually discovered some good – but nonetheless revealing – news in the world of patriarchy. Like the revelation about BCA’s practice, it’s not new news; but also like BCA, it seems to have flown mostly under the internet radar. I discovered it by accident while looking up Voddie Baucham’s church, Grace Family Baptist, at this page specifically devoted to their beliefs about communion. Continue reading

The Proof Is in the…Chalice?


Remember what I said about “patriolatry” two weeks ago? Well, it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Because unfortunately for anyone who still doesn’t believe me about patriocentric men acting as mediators between their wives and Jesus, I’m sorry to say hard proof of my theory has just arrived. On a communion tray, of all things. Continue reading