Two for the Road

Attention readers! There will be no more Big Box posts for the rest of the month, as Hester will be out of town for two weeks and much too busy to write. But be sure to keep your eye out for the occasional picture from the road…with perhaps a little “Lutheran” education along the way. Next month, when Hester and the Big Box return, watch for a critique of The Joy of Family Worship by R. C. Sproul, Jr.

To keep you entertained until then, here are two organ pieces which Hester learned this past year – first, Grand Choeur by Theodore Salome, and second Menuet Gothique by Leon Boellmann. Enjoy!

Why the Church Needs the Family and the Family Needs the Church (TBB)

The “TBB” in the name of this post means that it is part of The Big Box series. If you’re new to Scarlet Letters, read the introductory post to see what The Big Box is all about.

Hello again, readers! Hester is back from being “all rung out,” and ready to provide you with another installment of the Big Box. New this week is Jeff Pollard (bio here), a repeat speaker at the Uniting Church and Family Conference. As you’ve probably guessed, the terms “church” and “family” are central to his thought. Thankfully, unlike many of his associates at Vision Forum, Pollard meticulously defined these terms in his lecture, so let’s begin by examining his definitions, beginning with “church.” Continue reading

Big Box, Bells, and the Black Hole of Wi-Fi

You probably noticed that the weekly Big Box post failed to appear on Saturday. Hester definitely had a “real” excuse to miss posting this week…because she was without the internet while she was here. I suppose you could say her ears are still ringing. So instead of Scarlet Letters’ regularly scheduled programming, here’s a little “photo album” to give you a taste of Hester’s trip to UNH Durham – but be sure to stay tuned this weekend for a look at Jeff Pollard’s Why the Church Needs the Family and the Family Needs the Church. Continue reading